What Life Coaches Say About Stuckness and Fear

What Life Coaches Say About Stuckness and Fear

Stop the Madness! Hire a Life Coach and Get Out of Your Head and on with Your Dreams

The majority of my clients spend months before our first meeting spinning incredibly complicated webs of thought about their potential futures. As someone who readily admits getting trapped in her own head, let me say this: stop the madness! The best thing you can do when faced with uncertainty about your future is find an experienced life coach that can help you make the progress towards the future you desire.

So many times we think we need more time, more information, more input from our friends and family, etc., when what we really need is to get out of our own way and use the assistance of an unbiased source like a life coach to help us focus our thoughts on a specific set of goals. With these goals in mind, the coach can help keep those unproductive “what if” thoughts from derailing progress.

Is FEAR Making You Feel Stuck? 

Do you feel “stuck”? I tell my clients that the word “stuck” is spelled “FEAR”, with a capital “F”. One of the main jobs a coach is tasked with in helping a client become “unstuck” is to listen and sort out the fear keeping her client from making moves towards a better future. People close to you often have a hard time noticing that you are stuck because of fear. The meaningful perspective provided by a life coach can open your eyes to endless possibilities.

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