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Job Hunting?  You Need an Interview Coach.

Job Hunting? You Need an Interview Coach.

  Are you in a job you hate and dream of having a career you love? Clueless about where and how to start the job-hunting process? Do you have an “issue” that you need help reframing (being fired, resume gap, switching industries/fields)? Has it been a while since you have interviewed? Do you get interviews but no offers? Finding a…

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Developing Great Leaders- A Measured Approach

Adapted from a white paper by Robert J. Devine for CPP – The Myers-Briggs Company Corporate America spends more than $10 billion every year on leadership training, but is it working? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. In the same way businesses report profit and loss every quarter, creating and maintaining good leadership can and should become a measurable, operational process.…

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