ADHD Coaching for Parents

Coaching for Parents of Students with ADHD

Having a teen who exhibits ADHD symptoms can be frustrating. You know your kid is smart, capable and talented, but he or she is not progressing in a fulfilling way. Plus, some kids with ADHD have trouble making friends. As a parent this breaks your heart. Fortunately, ADHD coaching is an incredibly powerful and supportive resource available to both YOU and your teen.

KPC Can help you:

  • Understand the ADHD mind
  • Keep a healthy perspective about your child’s diagnosis and challenges
  • Learn how to remain positive and supportive throughout the development process
  • Learn how to advocate for your child and teach your child how to be his or her own advocate
  • Understand the importance of taking personal time to maintain your resilience

Coach Kim is every bit as excited about our son’s progress as we are. Her positivity is contagious.

S.K., Parent, College Student in New Orleans