Facilitation Services

Coach-led facilitation assists in the efficiency and productivity of meetings and insures the inclusivity of all attendees.

As a skilled and experienced facilitator, Kimberly is able to:

  • Make sure everyone is comfortable sharing
  • Help manage conflict and confrontation
  • Help clarify your group member ideas
  • Elicit feedback from all your participants
  • Provide summary, next steps and learning opportunities when appropriate

Peer-Mentor Group Facilitation

KPC provides several facilitation experiences and is particularly well-known for the work done with the New Orleans Business Accelerator. This organization, called “NBA” for short, is a unique peer-mentoring group on hyper-drive.

Each NBA peer-mentor group is composed of 8 to10 successful cross-industry leaders (“players”) who come together once per month for a meeting led by Kimberly Putman. In the first part of the meeting, Kimberly presents an interactive leadership development topic designed to educate the players on a relevant research-based business concept. In the second part of the meeting, players participate in a peer-mentor session designed to help solve challenging business issues. They push forward on personal and professional goals and motivate each other to gain traction in new areas.

Four times per year, the group is joined by 5 to 10 additional leaders or “coaches” – influential and highly successful leaders in the New Orleans community. It is considered an honor to be invited to participate as a coach/advisor/mentor to an NBA “player.”

Sample Facilitation Services:

  • Intra-Organizational Peer Mentoring Group Design and Facilitation
  • Internal Mentoring Program Design and Facilitation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building (enhance morale, understanding and compassion; build team culture and mission/vision buy-in)
  • Employee Engagement
  • Off-site Leadership Retreats
  • Town Hall Style Communication Meetings (to improve top-down and down-up communication as well as team and cross-team/division communication)

Seminars and Workshops

Along with providing ongoing coaching sessions, Kimberly offers one-hour seminars as well as half and full-day workshops. These meaningful learning experiences are designed to motivate and inform your teams and leaders and will feature topics custom designed to address your own unique challenges.

Trainings and workshops presented by Kimberly Putman surprise and delight attendees. With her engaging, down-to-earth approach, she delivers content her audiences find meaningful and applicable.

D.B., Human Resources, National Marketing Agency