Learn About Executive Coaching and ADHD Coaching

Questions about coaching?  Want to know if hiring a coach is right for you?  Check out these FAQs!

Why does a leader need to hire an executive coach? How do I know if I need a coach? What are the signs?

Successful people develop habits and behaviors over time that helped them to get them where they are. Some of these behaviors can begin to create costs at work, in relationships and in communications. A gap in both awareness and skill usually happens in a period of transition such as changing positions and assuming new levels of responsibility. When someone realizes that they need to change to achieve their desired performance, they seek an executive coach to help guide them through the process. An objective coach with business experience can help leaders bridge this “gap” in a very intentional growth and development-focused manner.

I have ADHD. How can an ADHD coach help me?

When you manage ADHD with the “three-legged stool” approach of pharmaceutical-support (if needed), therapeutic services, and ADHD coaching, you reap the benefits of neurotransmitter support through medication, mental/emotional support through cognitive behavioral or other therapeutic interventions and strategic skill-building coaching focused on mitigating your specific executive function deficits.

What will I get out of coaching with Kimberly?

You will gain insights about yourself and your behavior that will help you focus on designing and implementing actionable change. What’s more, you will receive the clarity, direction and motivation needed to take action.

What should I expect from coaching?

Kimberly’s most successful clients are those who put time and energy into reflection, introspection, and doing the work defined in each session. This work might be mental or include action steps agreed upon during an appointment.

How long is the process?

Sessions are 50-minutes long. The frequency of sessions and the term of the coaching relationship are client-driven. Most clients schedule sessions weekly or bi-monthly and tend to work with Kimberly for at least a year.  Additionally, clients can expect to have text and/or email contact between appointments.

Who is a typical client?

Kimberly’s clients tend to be smart, driven, goal-oriented people from diverse backgrounds with one thing in common: they seek to improve their lives. Kimberly has an open mind and an open heart and enjoys coaching teens and adults of all races, religions, sexual identities and backgrounds, including people who have been formerly incarcerated or struggle with addiction.

What sets Kimberly’s executive coaching and ADHD coaching apart from other services?

Kimberly’s clients benefit from her extensive training and experience in Positive Psychology, ADHD strategy building, Leadership Development, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion and Addiction. Her ability to weave together the overall philosophies, scientific theories and coaching techniques from these various fields of study, along with her skills of perception and communication, provide her clients with a unique coaching experience.