Job Hunting? You Need an Interview Coach.

Job Hunting?  You Need an Interview Coach.

Job Hunting? You Need an Interview Coach.


  1. Are you in a job you hate and dream of having a career you love?
  2. Clueless about where and how to start the job-hunting process?
  3. Do you have an “issue” that you need help reframing (being fired, resume gap, switching industries/fields)?
  4. Has it been a while since you have interviewed?
  5. Do you get interviews but no offers?

Finding a job these days can feel like a Herculean task because it is a Herculean task. Job-hunting is incredibly hard work and takes an emotional toll as the months you spend looking stack up.

From getting your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile perfected to figuring out where and how to look for available jobs, to navigating the black hole of applying online, the process is daunting.

Hiring an experienced career coach WILL make the entire process not only easier but also much more efficient and effective. Career coaches like myself have the expertise to help you with every aspect of job searching.  Beyond that, we help you land and absolutely nail interviews.

Build Confidence. Reduce Anxiety. Improve Performance.

Job Searching

  1. Clarify your career path
  2. Determine skills and strengths
  3. Uncover blind spots
  4. Understand the job-hunting procedures you need to follow
  5. Create a personal brand
  6. Create powerful messaging/communication techniques
  7. Develop valuable content for use on various platforms and in interviews
  8. Refine your personal presentation
  9. Learn about recruiters and applicant tracking systems
  10. Understand how negotiations and offer letters work

Get Hired.

Know this: Competition for great jobs is fierce. You will only land a job in a competitive market if you can set yourself apart from the competition. Great coaches can help you do this.  Getting a job takes time. Do not delay in hiring a coach to move the process forward. Ask yourself this: Can you get a job?  Yes.  Can you get a better more fulfilling job faster with a coach?  Yes!

Contact Kimberly via email at or by phone at (504) 261-1026 to get started on your journey towards a fulfilling career.