Ten Tips for Living with ADHD

Ten Tips for Living with ADHD

ADHD Coaching: Ten Tips for Living with ADHD

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Life for those with ADHD – and for those living with those with ADHD – can be challenging, to say the least. Of course, not all of it is negative but, let’s face it, without care, planning, structure, support and a lot of patience on the parts of everyone involved, life in an ADHD household can be hectic, chaotic and emotionally charged.

Try these tips to help make life in your ADHD household more balanced, organized, and positively charged!

  1. Provide an abundance of positive feedback and reinforcement and search for ways to use other positive behavior strategies regularly
  2. Build confidence through competence by working towards greater autonomy for your child
  3. Work with your child instead of just in service of your child so that your relationship is a partnership regarding solution building for managing ADHD symptoms
  4. Learn and utilize effective communication styles
  5. Educate yourself and your child about ADHD, including executive function deficient influences, medication options and strategies for managing symptoms
  6. Improve the possibilities for success by providing or supporting routines, structures and a system of supervision that maximize the use of your child’s strengths and minimize the opportunities for derailment
  7. Avoid negative interactions
  8. When considering punishment, try to be wise by utilizing natural and/or logical consequences and employ only when necessary
  9. Take care of yourself first so that you remain fresh and able to handle difficult situations as they arise
  10. Use professionals to help support the goals of your family – from experienced medication managers and therapists to professional coaches and teachers/tutors

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