Succeeding with ADHD

Succeeding with ADHD:
The ADHD Coaching Approach

There was a time when no one knew about ADHD. Kids and adults who exhibited symptoms were just considered lazy, unmotivated, hyper or scattered – absentminded professor types. Today, we know better. There are actions people with ADHD can take to overcome their challenges and lead lives they can be excited about.

In recent years, neuroscientists have discovered that that the brain is flexible and is capable of continuous learning, and changes, both physical and chemical, take place in the brain when it experiences new challenges. Rehearsing actions can actually forge new pathways in the brain, allowing it to develop new competencies and overcome deficits. ADHD coaching with KPC can pave the pathway for change to happen and new habits to form.

KPC believes the best way to manage ADHD symptoms, regardless of your age, is with a “three-legged stool” approach:

  1. When appropriate, medication management for optimal pharmacological treatment
  2. ADHD coaching for skill-development and executive function deficit management
  3. ADHD coaching and/or psycho-social interventions to optimize interpersonal interactions and relationships and the management of any co-morbid/coexisting diagnoses