Setting Priorities

Setting Priorities

Some Helpful Tips

While you work as hard as anybody you know, do you often find yourself struggling to keep up? And, even when you complete a lot of tasks, do you get the sense that you’re not doing the things you should be doing? If so, it’s time to set priorities. It’s time to learn how to consider, set, commit to and act on a priority list.

Lots of really smart and talented people struggle with setting priorities and acting on them. Below are some tips to help you set priorities and follow through on tackling them.

  1. Step One:
    1. Know what you need to do! Keep track of your tasks.
    2. Get the task list out of your head into a system. This system can be paper-based or electronic.
  2. Step Two:
    1. Utilize a system that will inform you of the value and time sensitivity of individual tasks:
      1. Idea One: Try putting your tasks through a four-quadrant ordering system (ex: Covey Quadrant System)
      2. Idea Two: Try putting individual tasks through an evaluative exercise of High Value/Low Value activity (high value activities move the needle towards or are crucial to goal/performance achievement, low value tasks do not)
    2. Step Three:
      1. Know what activities and behaviors/habits move you towards your goals and which ones get in the way
      2. Create strategies to increase the positive habits that support your effectiveness and minimize or mitigate the ones that get in your way
      3. Build in recovery activities for the times when it is important to feel productive but your physical and mental states need recovery time (ex: opening and sorting the mail, balancing your check book, etc.)
    3. Step Four:
      1. Set clear goals that follow the SMART, PURE and CLEAR guidelines associated with the best practices in goal-setting (for more information about SMART, PURE and CLEAR goals, see the KPC Blog entitled Goal Setting and Goal Achievement)
    4. Step Five
      1. Set yourself up for success in moving forward on your goals each day by managing your physical, mental and emotional well-being through excellent and consistent self-care habits

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